"Madrid, the 'inferior team' that makes history without playing well"

Madridismo has changed residence throughout this Champions. He has been a few weeks living in the third goal of Benzema to PSG, moved to foreign assistance from modric against Chelsea and now, while waiting for the final in Paris, he has made his home in Rodrygo’s header to City, the moment in which they became immortal again. It’s inexplicable, of course, but not with

It comes to appeal so much to the esoteric. If we let the irrational explain everything,

where is the intelligence and analysis?

Madrid has a squad with talent and skill,

with key positions that are very well filled, such as


(the best in the world). Their human resources are low profile. They don’t shy away from sweat, bugle calls, and non-stop work. Nor are they the kings in the press, because the story goes the other way. remember

when it was said that Bara was better after 0-4

or about Pep talking about the best teams of the decade, after winning four Champions Leagues in five years…

They are usually humble and there are no stars, with a leader in the best season of his career who was always gregarious,


and with a great veteran who runs like a cro to set an example,


; they live agglutinated around the ideas of an expert, discreet and educated coach who does not want to stand out and who even consults the veterans about the changes in an extension of the Champions League semifinals. A natural and grateful man,


who lives happily as coach of Madrid, who accumulates experience from his previous stage and who always manages to help his teams win titles.

No one ever assigned him a chair, but he may be the only one with four Champions

. Look how the world is, that despises the old school. Carlo would be the man who would tell us journalists that the news is on the street, not on social networks.

Ancelotti has not invented football

, it’s no use. Perhaps that is why it is not taken into account so much.


Madrid has many madridistas in its squad

. Lucas Vzquez, Carvajal, Casemiro and Nacho are benchmarks in the way the club feels. That is chewed in the locker room, it sucks. Over there, the white team has some masters when it comes to telling how their club is. Ancelotti’s team is also prepared for great physical challenges:

play with many young

(Rodrygo, Vinicius, Valverde, Camavinga, Militao, Ceballos, Asensio, to name the usual ones) hungry for glory and with legs for overtime and arreones, and has a top coach,


. His state of mind is fantastic because his dynamic results are splendid and football is played with the feet, the head and the heart. That is to say, Madrid, small for a while against City, Chelsea (at the Bernabu) and PSG, are prepared for these feats to erupt because they have arguments and whatever happens in the matches happens.

he is not absent, he always competes and right now he considers himself invincible

. This is not so paranormal.

Then there’s the


. There are some steel threads between the iron convictions of the Madrid fans and what comes to his team on the magical nights of the Champions League.

A transmission that Doctor Strange would envy

Difficult to understand, but real. In this context, the fans of Madrid, even those who leave before, believe in the impossible in such a way that last Wednesday after scoring 1-1, the public address system announced six minutes of extension and that circumstance of trouble was celebrated as a goal. Because

It was at that moment that Bernabu put his thumb down

. City was sentenced and Madrid the winner. Courtois hit the bottom line and the rest is history. Rodrygo scored the second and was able to score the third without reaching extra time. It is not known if that is style, DNA, genetics, spirit or witchcraft, but it is surely the only way to recognize Madrid, the ‘inferior team’ that makes history in six minutes. And without ‘playing well’…

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