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The series starring Josh Dallas is very close to reaching Netflix with its fourth season. Find out the details below.

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Manifest is getting closer to reaching the screen with its fourth season in Netflix which will culminate the story of the passengers of the flight 828.

The fiction starring Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh was originally broadcast on NBC for three seasons, however, in 2021 the network surprised fans by revealing that the series would not be renewed for a fourth installmentso the story would culminate with the cliffhanger of the third installment.

Due to this, the followers decided to start a crusade to avoid the end of the series. Through social networks, both the production and the fans shared under the #SaveManifest the reasons why they considered that the series should continue to air.

Fortunately, the campaign paid off and Netflix announced the renewal of the series in August of the same year, which will have 20 episodes that will be divided into two parts.

The fiction tells the story of a group of passengers on a commercial flight who, after experiencing turbulence during the trip, land in a new world.. When they get off the plane they find out that even though for them only 3 hours passed, for the rest of the world it was 5 years. For this reason, the plane was reported as missing and it was determined that all the passengers were dead.

The passengers after the initial shock must return to their lives and try to adapt to the changes. But that’s not all, as some of the crew begin to develop extraordinary new abilities.

When does the fourth season of Manifest premiere on Netflix?

The fourth season does not have a release date yet, however, it is presumed that it can reach the platform on next August 28 to coincide with the number of the flight that begins the story, also, on that date, Netflix announced its renewal.

However, some rumors suggest that the November 4th, the date the crew returned. Check out the teaser below.

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