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The Copa América 2022 of the Confederation of Independent Football Associations, a tournament that made Pibe Valderrama discover Luis Díaz and which is played this weekend in Linares, will experience its grand finale this Sunday. Mapuche was eliminated against Maule Sur, but the delay of a Brazilian team gave them another one, and they took advantage of it.

Aymara fell 3-1 to Mapuche and now they will have to go looking for third place.
© TVAymara fell 3-1 to Mapuche and now they will have to go looking for third place.

the commune of Linares in the Maule Region is the seat of the Conifa America Cup 2022which is the first version of the competition that is organized by the Confederation of Independent Football Associationsand this weekend Chile inflates its chest by receiving a new sporting spectacle.

The contest takes place at the Tucapel Bustamante Lastra Fiscal Stadium and is played this Friday 17, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June and the Aymara, Mapuche, Maule Sur and FA San Pablo teams faced each other to define the new monarch of the competition international, which already has an end.

And it is that on Friday the 17th Maule Sur beat Mapuche 1-0 to kick off the Copa América of the confederation of teams that do not belong to FIFA and got into the grand final, but a delay in a trip gave him one is worth another to the Mapuche, and they took great advantage of it.

This is because the second game would be starred by Aymara and FA San Pablo from Brazil and was scheduled for this Saturday the 18th, however the Brazilian team had a delay in their trip and the organization gave them their place.

San Pablo had difficulties on their trip and Mapuche finally took their place to play the match against Aymara, where they got rid of the thorn of having lost in their debut and took a 3-1 victory and a ticket to the final.

Thus, the grand final this Sunday, June 19, will be played by Maule Sur against Mapuche, while Aymara and San Pablo will have to collide with each other to find out who will take third and fourth place, respectively.

This is the first time that the Conifa contest is held, and that it is organized with the collaboration of the South American Council of New Soccer Federations (Cosanff), and which some time ago was known as the Copa América de los Pueblos Indígenas. And where a current world soccer star was born.

It is about the Colombian Luis Díaz, who before taking his talent to the English Liverpool broke it in the Copa América Indígena de Chile 2015, where he led the threads of his team and caught the attention of Carlos “El Pibe” Valderrama himself, who took it and got him into professional football.

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