MARCA launches daily 'newsletter' about the World Cup in Qatar

ANDthe ball of the Qatar World Cup roll the sunday november 20 and in BRAND We want you not to miss a single detail. The leading sports information newspaper carries out a unprecedented human and technical deployment to tell everything happen in the World Cup 2022. you will have information in straight Y updated the 24 hours about the 32 selections – with special interviews, reports, chronicles and the quality touch of our firms- and, at the same time, we launch every morning the special WORLDWIDE IN-DEPTH newsletter, with the most relevant information of each day, and the outstanding stories. You can subscribe to our free newsletter at this link.

BRAND offer information instantly with a World Daily Live with updated information on everything that is going happening in all venues and concentrations of the main teams. Spain will have special monitoring -and a Daily direct from the selectionn- with the special envoys José Flix Díaz, Miguel Ángel Lara, Juan Ignacio García-Ochoa, Javier Estepa, Marta García (video) and Chema Rey (Photographer). In addition, you will be able to inform yourself through the 31 live blogs for each of the other selections. Among them, the selections of Brazil (Mario Cortegana) France (Pablo Polo) and Argentina (John Castro). And with Victor Romero giving support to ‘another World Cup’: atmosphere, the stories of the most exotic teams…

Of course there will also be a great display on Radio MARCA with Ral Varela, Javier Amaro and Miguel Ángel Toribio, as well as Ral Santamara at the technical controls. In Madrid, Quintana’s Slate make every day a post to analyze everything that has given of itself the day of 22:00 to 00:00. Yes, every day of the World Cup

In addition, we are going to have special signatures for each of the special coverage days of the World Cup. in the section 35 days, 35 signatures, players from all eras of the Spanish team who bring us their memories and impressions of the current ‘La Roja’. They have already stamped their rubric Jordi Alba -Champion in Euro 2012 and one of the 26 from Qatar-, Jess Mari Zamora -Spain 82-, juanfran torres -Euro 2012, World Cup 2014 and Euro 2016- or John Sir -Euro Cup 1984, World Cup 86 and Euro 1988-

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