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The goalkeeper announced his retirement in early November and said goodbye to Bragantino

Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF.  Marcelo Boeck retired from the pitch at the end of the season
Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF. Marcelo Boeck retired from the pitch at the end of the season

Marcelo Boeck says goodbye to the pitch as an idol and leader of Fortaleza, on a path that began to be paved in 2017, without imagining that it would end in such a beautiful way. He announced his retirement on November 9, after the thrashing against Bragantino. Altogether, there were 20 games for Leão in 2022. Among them, outstanding disputes for Libertadores, in the Club’s first participation in the continental competition.

In an interview with GE, Boeck said that the decision had already been thought about since the 2021 season, but the goalkeeper decided to postpone it due to his participation in Libertadores, in which he starred in important victories with Leão do Pici. Now, the goalkeeper recalls his journey with the Club where he built an unforgettable story

🇧🇷We can prepare mentally, physically, financially, whatever, but the last few weeks arrive, there is a little staircase that we go down to go to training and I sit there and watch Pici and everything that happened, how is it now, this movie is playing. It is very painful to go through this situation, no matter how good the trajectory has been so far. It seems that it takes a piece of us away, but at the same time it is filled with love, affection and respect, which was our hallmark here in Fortaleza with everyone.“, said.

However, the archer guarantees that this is not goodbye, and that he would return to work behind the scenes at Fortaleza, in case there is a ‘call’. 🇧🇷If I have the opportunity, of course I always say that Fortaleza is my home and there is no way to disassociate it. It would be a great honor and pleasure, after all, who wouldn’t want to be working at Fortaleza today? If our coach turned down big clubs, who am I to also turn down an invitation from Fortaleza to continue on this victorious journey?“, added the goalkeeper.

Finally, Boeck made a small farewell statement to Leão’s fans. 🇧🇷It was a pleasure, I’m happy every time and I always thank you for all the love in the good times and the not so good, there was always respect and loyalty. They know what I feel and all my appreciation, they go to the stadium not only to watch the game, but to put on a show. If I can have the honor of being called an idol by this crowd, it’s something I’ll keep forever in my heart and I’ll take care of it with the greatest possible care because it’s a very loving relationship. Perhaps, modesty aside, the most beautiful love relationship there was between a player and a crowd in this history of Fortaleza for everything we’ve experienced. You can be sure that I will be fighting for you forever and together with Fortaleza“, said the athlete to the GE.

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