Marcos Acuna: "I want to win something with Sevilla, whatever it is"

A Marcos Acua does not like interviews. It’s not that he finds them uninteresting, it’s just that getting in front of a stranger to give explanations is hard for him. He likes to talk about football in confidence, not publicly. All that character that he shows on the field seems to be diluted when he has to sit face to face with a journalist. Even so, he was kind enough to do it with MARCA, in the second interview that he grants after joining the Sevilla ranks in 2020.

Ask. How were those vacations?

Response. Very well. I think we recharge a lot of batteries. We were on vacation with friends and eager for a new tournament to start. We needed to rest and disconnect.

Q. You haven’t been to your country, but are they already sending you messages about the World Cup?

R. Yes, yes, but well I think there are a few months left for the World Cup. The main thing is to focus on LaLiga, starting the season well, and there will be time to think about the World Cup.

Q. Last year was tough, with injuries and some unexpected eliminations. Have you been able to remove that heaviness from the body?

R. I don’t know if heaviness. Already last year, the second part of the season was not what we expected, but we met the objective and that is why we had prepared and fought throughout the year.

P. Is it going to be weird not receiving or passing the ball to a Brazilian player bigger than a castle?

R. Diego Carlos is an important loss, we know that all. But Marcao has arrived, who is also a strong player. I think he’s going to help us a lot with what we want.

Q. What exactly would you highlight about Marcao?

R. I see it very well. He has a lot of quality, he’s a very good player and we’re going to understand each other very well.

Q. The other leg of the center of defense (Kound) has also left.

R. Whoever comes, whoever is or whoever plays on that side is going to do their best. You stop that training with the team, to be prepared and replace someone who leaves.

P. I renewed last year and you look happy, how are you personally?

R. The renovation, well, it was part of the effort I made and it showed that I am up to the task. It was a very nice recognition to have renewed and continue with Sevilla. And, luckily, the family is happy. We are all very well. Seville suits us very well.

P. Despite the summer run with the coach, he’s still here.

R. Yes, obviously I’m glad he stayed. He was the one who brought me. All the trust in the world in him. Let’s hope it continues for many years, which is important to maintain the base.

Q. Augustinsson has left. With the arrival of another winger (already signed lex Telles), would you mind playing ahead of him?

R. I think the important thing is to help the team and the club. Whoever comes, you have to adapt to the circumstances. If I have to play on the side or midfielder, I will do my best.

P. You said that you couldn’t think about the World Cup because it’s far away, but with this very Argentine dressing room, they’ll talk about something, right?

R. H.H. Although the World Cup is just a few months away, the important thing is to start the season well and then we’ll see what happens in the World Cup.

Q. Be ambitious with the objectives of this course.

R. The goals are the same as always. Win something with Sevilla, starting in the best way in LaLiga as well and then continue doing the most important thing, which is the move to the Champions League.

Q. What is your biggest wish for this year?

R. The goal is always to win something with Sevilla, whatever it is, and continue to classify the team in the Champions League, going through the round and stuff. First is that and then there is the family, right? That the family is happy.

Q. Signature Sevilla-Argentina double?

R. I hope, I hope, I hope it turns out well…we’ll see what happens.

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