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Qatar 2022

Mario Kempes, a history of the Argentine national team, evaluated the match made by the Albiceleste against Saudi Arabia and dedicated a criticism to the squad in its debut in Qatar 2022.

Kempes evaluated Argentina's defeat against Saudi Arabia
© Getty ImagesKempes evaluated Argentina’s defeat against Saudi Arabia

Argentina premiered in Qatar 2022 with an ugly defeat against Saudi Arabia. The team commanded by Lionel Scaloni, who arrived on World Cup soil with the heavy backpack of being one of the favorites for the title, went from winning at the hands of Lionel Messi to lose 1-2 against the Asian team, which ended up taking the first three points of Group C.

The impact was considerable both in the squad and in the rest of Argentina. And after the match, an Albiceleste legend came out to comment on the World Cup debut and harshly criticize the members of La Scaloneta, who he assured were “very cancheritos” at a certain point: it’s about Mario Alberto Kempes.

“They did not know how to read the game, they did not know how to rise to the circumstances. The great figures of Argentina did not appear and that tipped the balance towards the side of Saudi Arabia. I think that in the precipitation half of the team was disarmed field, place where you have greater power. The inaccuracies and the two goals that they do him in less than ten minutes loosened the plans a little and the desperation can make you mistake”, commented.

“You have to take this very calmly, learn from the mistakes made. The games are never won before playing them. I think Argentina overcame the rival a little, very cancheritos at times, and paid for it. Now we have to start again the work overalls, forget that they are the figures and those chosen by all as candidates to win the world championship, and start from scratch,” he continued.

“Here they put everyone in the same bag. Here there is not one or the other, I think that Argentina left the rival and it seemed that it was a slightly easier game than what was seen. That may have been the great mistake. But hey, this continues and serves for Argentina to be Argentina again, with another temperament, with another ambition and with more tranquility, “he continued.

“In the first half, he didn’t play great either. Throwing the ball a little faster and the striker running faster than the ball… he fell offside three times and three goals were disallowed. The precipitation is not either good. In the second half, from the beginning it was seen that Saudi Arabia was going to go out to kill or be killed, sportingly speaking, and they succeeded,” he closed.

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