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Mark González pointed out that together with other former national teams they are studying at the INAF to become coaches. The left-handed man who played in Liverpool stated that his idea is for his teams to always go to the front, something he learned from Marcelo Bielsa.

Mark with Alexis, Chupete and Matías in the technical course
© instagramMark with Alexis, Chupete and Matías in the technical course

The soccer retirement it leads many players to seek new horizons. and become coach It is something quite popular, to continue linked to the activity and also to transmit all the knowledge learned on a soccer field.

That is the case of Mark Gonzalez, who is working hard to get the DT card at the National Football Institute. And he has luxury teammates, as was seen in a photo that the Chilean team’s prop Wilson Rivas went up with Alexis Sánchez, Humberto Suazo and Matías Fernández.

“We were doing a practice session, everything was fine. Each one has their own style and we had to defend a job that we did, where each one does their part. That’s how we gained experience and we’re all very happy about that,” Chico Mark said in a chat with Redgol in the Talinay de La Reina Complex, where the grand final of the Special Olympics was held, an event commanded by the Sports Corporation of said commune, in charge of Juvenal Olmos.

The former Liverpool player detailed what it is like to share this instance with Alexis Sánchez, who despite being played in Europe manages to study. “We do the course online with Alexis and it was just the coincidence that he now came to Chile for vacation. In addition, we were just presenting something face-to-face on the pitch, so it was very good for him to be in the country,” he added.

He had a lot of coaches in his successful career, but there is one that marked him above the rest. “I have always said that I learned a lot with Bielsa, I highlight what he did a lot. He is the one I like the most”, he said about the process he experienced towards South Africa 2010.

For the same reason, when it is his turn to command a team, he promises that his casts will always be the ones looking for the opposite goal. “My style of play will always be to go straight, never back down,” closed the one trained at Universidad Católica.

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