Marta López Álamo reveals her intimacies with Kiko Matamoros: "we use toys"

Lhe heat wave that is making itself felt on the peninsula has moved to the Caribbean beaches… In a figurative sense. And it is that in ‘survivors‘, the women of this edition had a peculiar topic of conversation: the sex toys

Do you have a dildo at home, Ana?Anabel Pantoja asked Ana Luque. The contestant told her that she didn’t have any and the ‘great niece’ added: “I don’t need more than that and chocolate.”

The question of Anabel Pantoja was transferred to the plat de ‘survivors‘, where Jorge Javier Vzquez was in charge of opening the melon. “Who has a dildo at home?” Asked the presenter, looking at all the collaborators, especially Marta López Lamo.

Marta López confessed that she plays “couple games” with Kiko

you have?”, I asked the influencer directly, who would not be shy about answering: “Of course.” “With him, I use them with him“added Marta Lopez. “Do you use them with him? How nice,” said Jorge Javier Vzquez. “Last night Of course, couple games”, finished the model.

“They gave me one, but it belonged to a porn actor and it was huge, it’s in the box. My director also gave me a prostate stimulator.” but I lost it in a move“, confessed the television presenter, who still had one more doubt about the sexual activity of Marta López lamo. “But you only use them?“asked a curious Jorge Javier, but Marta didn’t want to admit it: “I don’t reveal that anymore.”

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