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Martín Rodríguez attended church so that his little son would receive a blessing, where the pastor took the opportunity to say that he is going to pray for him to return to the Monumental, a situation that is complex for Colo Colo.

Martín Rodríguez went to church and the pastor (on the left) asked him to play in Colo Colo
© InstagramMartín Rodríguez went to church and the pastor (on the left) asked him to play in Colo Colo

Since Martin Rodriguez left a year ago colo colo his name has become a teleseries in the Monumental. Gustavo Quinteros He was amazed with his game and in each transfer market he asks the leadership to hire him.

The player currently belongs to the Altay Spor of Turkey, with which he fell in category. That is why the player’s intention is to leave that club, despite the fact that he still has a valid contract.

While he defines his future, he enjoys his vacations. She was in Cancun with her family and now she is in Chile, where she went to the Cristo Tu Única Esperanza church with her family, to receive the blessings for his little son Austin.

There, Pastor Fernando Chaparro gave all the good vibes to the little boy. But before that he showed humor, bringing out the most colocolino side of him and assuring that if necessary he will pray for him to sign at the Monumental.

“I don’t know if we can pray for you to stay in Colo Colo,” he told the Tin, and continued to show a sympathetic side by assuring that they would better pray for the boy “so that he would be better than his father.”

The concrete thing for Popular is that it is not easy to unlock Rodríguez’s departure from Europe, since there are also other markets interested in hiring him, such as the United States MLS, so Colo Colo must continue working to strengthen himself.

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