Sanyo Guti

PAreca that it was going to be a day of change. Sanyo Gutirrez and Agustin Tapia they took out so that their candidacy as candidates to change the throne of the pdel had a semblance of reality. The number 1 were dying, nothing left them. And there, complying with what they say that to win a number 1 you have to kill him several times, they grabbed one more time. The lesson in resistance from Ale Galn and Juan Lebrn.

Because they lived having it lost. And his forces in a match without optimal conditions came out at the decisive hour. They squeezed and connected winners that gave them the dream comeback. In the final, against Navarro and Di Nenno.

The best match in the world by level and tension complied as such before starting. Madrid did not forget the quarterfinal match of the 1 in the world against Tello and Chingotto, and unleashed a loud blast of introduction. That did not seem to deconcentrate the number 1, who came out without error although, obviously, less comfortable than Sanyo and Tapia due to the conditions. Some in which Mariano Amat’s men measured more and the Argentines could dominate the points.

He provided a match context in which Gutirrez grows by slowing down the points and punishing Lebrn in his cross, although, at first, he would not have an answer. Because Lebrn and Galn got a chance to break in the fifth after the genius of the Andalusian that Tapia saved with a shot. Showing that the number of winners in the air was inappropriate for the slowness of the track.

That ease of Tapia and Gutirrez to come up with answers in any context had a quick reward, because in the eighth game their prize would come. Sanyo would break the rhythm of the rest punishing with the balloons, Galn, somewhat accelerated, would miss and Tapia would execute in the second opportunity with a shot. His superiority was already evident on the scoreboard and They closed the set 3-6 without hesitation. Hit the number 1.

The number 1 resurrect in the second set

On the court there was a dominator, but the match had the color of being, to this day, the best that exists in the sport of the racket. Because despite being in tow, Lebrn and Galn are resilient as well as talented. It was not their day in the network and they worked in the same way. A good test was that of the fourth and fifth games, in which no serve was broken, but it was shown that despite not being able to knock down Tapia’s defense they had the ‘guts’ so that Lebrn could hit with his service. He had left.

And that resistance turned, at last, into initiative. In the eighth game, Tapia started dominating with his arsenal of resources, but collided with a huge Lebrn. He hit with punch, encouraged the audience and the number 1s broke serve. 5-3, and serving to lengthen the evening at Goya. The service, plus the arm, of Alejandro Galn did not tremble and The match went to the third set.

the resolution

Perhaps that dominance without a prize by Tapia had a direct influence on what happened at the beginning of the third. First, wanting to speed up, he would miss and there Lebrn and Galn would kill to break. It was a stick for the Argentine duo, but the Catamarca player himself had that change of pace in the match in his shovel. With his flawless punch he will execute and return the break in the next game. It was not an easy set for anyone.

Sanyo Gutirrez returns a ball / EFE

So much so that despite this high level, Tapia himself failed with his next serve. Lebrn and Galn came back to life for the umpteenth time in the tournament to break serve again. But this was not going to be constant and madness took over immediately with another counter-break manufactured by a Sanyo Gutirrez that caused Lebrn and Galn to fail constantly.

And the party could have been there, because Agustán Tapia would re-emerge. Neutralizing the punch of the Spanish with reading of the aerial game and providing winners given the moment. Lebrn and Galn did not meet the net and gave in again with their serve. They hadn’t held him for the entire decisive round.

To close it was mandatory for Sanyo Gutirrez and Agustin Tapia, who repeated past mistakes. Allowing Galn to hit and from his brave arm the number 1s breathed. They broke and served again to endure. When they needed him most, his service appeared. Tables and end of madness.

Ale Galn invented a spectacular rest by squeezing Sanyo and Tapia out of comfort. Lebrn executed. Yet another break. And this was definitive, because his last serve did not fall. Magical closure and lesson to resist. Whoever wants the number 1 has to give something beyond.

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