Matches on Friday, November 25: who is playing today and results of the Qatar World Cup

After several surprises occurred at the start, such as the fall of Argentina and Germany into the hands of Saudi Arabia and Japan, respectively, this Friday, November 25, the second day begins, where there will be duels not suitable for the faint of heart that will begin to define the path of each team to the round of 16. The World Cup Qatar 2022 he continues to live on the surface and enters his sixth day of competition.

As has become customary in this World Cup, the actions start very early with Wales vs. Iran. Then we have a decisive match between Qatar and Senegal. Meanwhile, two hours later the fight for the leadership of Group A will be presented in the match between the Netherlands and Ecuador. While the actions of the day close with the game between the selection of England and the United States.

Who played this Friday?

  • Wales vs. Iran The faces are seen in a commitment that is agreed at the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium, for the second day of group B. The match will take place at 4:00 am (Mexico time), at 5:00 am (Peru time , Ecuador and Colombia), at 6:00 am (Venezuela and Bolivia time), at 7:00 am (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil time) and at 11:00 am in Spain.
  • Qatar vs. Senegal They will face each other at the Al Thumama Stadium International Stadium, in the city of Doha, for date 2 of Group A. The match is scheduled for 7:00 am (Mexico time), at 8:00 am (Peru time). , Ecuador and Colombia), at 9:00 am (Venezuela and Bolivia time), at 10:00 am (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil time) and at 2:00 pm in Spain.
  • Netherlands vs. Ecuador will be played at the International Khalifa Stadium, also as part of the second day of Group A. The duel is scheduled for 10:00 am (Costa Rican time), at 11:00 am (Peru, Colombia and Ecuador time), at 1:00 pm (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil time) and at 5:00 pm in Spain.
  • England vs. USA will compete in the Al Bayt Stadium. The meeting will be displayed from 1:00 pm (time in Mexico), at 2:00 pm (time in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia), at 3:00 am (time in Canada, Venezuela and Bolivia), at 4:00 pm (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil time) and at 6:00 pm in Spain.

Results of the World Cup Qatar 2022

date 1

  • Qatar 0-2 Ecuador | Group A
  • England 6-2 Iran | B Group
  • Senegal 0-2 countries Low | Group A
  • United States 1-1 Wales | B Group
  • Argentina 1-2 Saudi Arabia | Group C
  • Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Group D
  • Mexico 0-0 Poland | Group C
  • France 4-1 Australia | Group D
  • Morocco 0-0 Croatia | Group F
  • Germany 1-2 Japan | Group E
  • Spain 7-0 Costa Rica | Group E
  • Belgium 1-0 Canada | Group F
  • Swiss 1-0 Cameroon | Group G
  • Uruguay 0-0 South Korea | Group H
  • Portugal 3-2 Ghana | Group H
  • Brazil 2-0 Serbia | Group H | date 1

date 2

  • Wales vs. Iran | B Group
  • Qatar vs. Senegalese | Group A
  • Netherlands vs. Ecuador | Group A
  • England vs. United States | B Group
  • Tunisia vs. Australia | Group D
  • Poland vs. Saudi Arabia | Group C
  • France vs. Denmark | Group D
  • Argentina vs. Mexico | Group C
  • Japan vs. Costa Rica | Group E
  • Belgium vs. Morocco | Group F
  • Croatia vs. Canada | Group E
  • Spain vs. Germany | Group F
  • Cameroon vs. Serbian | Group G
  • South Korea vs. Ghanaian | Group H
  • Brazil vs. Switzerland | Group G
  • Portugal vs. Uruguay | Group H

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