El Pelado in the colors of his new club.  (Photo: official AEK).

There is less and less to go before the Qatar 2022 World Cup begins and since the draw one of the most anticipated matches is that of Argentina – Mexico, which will have an extra seasoning due to the history that both teams have with each other and due to the growing rivalry. Fueled, above all, by the crossover folklore in social networks.

It is also true that the recent reality as well as the balance of the processes of both selections is very different. The Selection comes from winning the America Cupthe Finalissima and to raze in the playoffs; while the Tri classified with suffering and fails to find the expected performance.

Perhaps for this reason, many believe that it will not be a very complex procedure for the Lionel Scalloni, who throughout this career knew how to beat higher-ranking rivals. Gerardo Martino, meanwhile, they have doubts in putting together a team that had a hard time beating smaller teams.

between two sidewalks

El Pelado in the colors of his new club. (Photo: official AEK).

Matías Almeyda directed Chivas, where he was champion and won the love of the fans and the recognition of Aztec football in general. With that experience, he took a position defending not only Liga MX but also the Mexican national team, which, according to him, was bastardized by sectors of South America, such as Argentina,

“Argentina despises Mexico, but a large part of South American football lives on Mexican football”sentenced El Pelado, referring to the fact that many of the South American jewels that stand out in their countries but fail to make the leap to Europe end up playing in Mexican soccer.

He even criticized the way in which football is lived and explained to ESPN from that place the reason why he chose to direct outside of Argentina: “For enduring so much madness, many coaches have ended up sick, I don’t want to be on that side; I want to enjoy soccer, I love soccer”.

Almeyda, today the technical director of AEK Athens in Greece, had said not long ago that Lionel Messi’s team and Mexico would go through Group C, ahead of Poland and the weak Saudi Arabia. “Argentina and Mexico are both going to go through, they both have to go through, a draw and both go through”sentenced the Bare when he arrived at his new club.

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