Maüra, often caught having sex in public, delighted with her date

‘First Dates’ I had Juan David as a diner this Tuesday, whom they prefer to be called Juandahe has arrived at the program with a bandaged leg and has told Carlos Sobera that he had broken his tibia for the second time, “I am restless”. This was the third break he has had, “one on a motorcycle, another skiing and another playing soccer.”

Despite the cast, the bachelor admits that he is still flirting. His preference is blonde women although “I like women in general”. His appointment was maruawho loved luxury and that is why she was looking for an elegant man but it was not what she found when she saw Juanda’s hairstyle, “is not elegant”, she said. He thought she was very pretty, and she wanted to know where she was from and she replied that she was Ukrainian but that she lived in Madrid.

Juanda It has been made clear to your date that you could not stand the control or the monotony in relationships and marua He has told her that he never looks at his partner’s cell phone and for her like he wants to see naked girls on it.

Maüra has been caught many times having sex in public places: “It turns you on more”

Later at dinner, in the Scratch of Love, Marüa has confessed to him that they had caught him many times having sex because she loves to do it in public places, for the Ukrainian it is something that “it warms you up more.”

A Juanda She liked that they could talk about sex with her and they talked about sexual positions, to Maura the best is the spoon in the morning and she has also felt that his date was very sexually active and that he was hot and why not try him out.

The young woman has confessed to her date that the first thing she has noticed has been the styling of Juanda and in her hair and that she was looking for someone elegant: “I don’t go very elegant”, he said unleashing his date’s laughter.

already in the reserved They have given each other a passionate kiss and have let themselves go. Despite not being what she was looking for, I wanted to know what it was like in bed, justifying that it could make him elegant. And both have decided to have a second date.

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