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Max Kruse was sorted out at VfL Wolfsburg. © Julian Stratenschulte/dpa

Ex-national player Max Kruse, who was sorted out at VfL Wolfsburg, wants to focus on football again after a few off-field actions.

Wolfsburg – “Now the full attack is back on football,” said Kruse via Instagram. “I want to be able to train properly again as soon as possible, I want to be fit again as soon as possible. Because my career is definitely not over yet.”

Kruse (34) has been out for weeks due to a torn muscle fiber and recently made headlines by taking part in a poker tournament and attending an erotic fair. The striker reported extensively on all these activities on social media. “I think it’s clear that it wasn’t an easy time for me either,” said Kruse. “I can only say this much: the time was definitely good for me, I was able to distract myself a bit, I was able to relax.”

Now Kruse is about to return to the training ground. “I had an MRI on Friday, the structures have healed, everything looks very, very good,” said the striker. In the coming week he wants to work with the rehabilitation trainer in Wolfsburg. It remains to be seen whether he will actually be there at the start of training in Wolfsburg on December 1st.

VfL, where coach Niko Kovac no longer has a use for Kruse, would like to get rid of the striker in winter, despite the contract that runs until summer 2023. But there are still no concrete interested parties. “Where and how and whatever happens, I have no idea,” Kruse said. dpa

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