Mayors in “mucosocks” to support Cystic Fibrosis Week

This year, the Muco Association’s national campaign is supported by 360 feet across the country! Those of 180 mayors who accepted, during the week against cystic fibrosis, until November 27, to wear mucosocks. Fun and colorful socks that are on sale to support research against this disease which affects 1,300 Belgians. By paying €10 for a Jungle or Color Fun pair, people with the disease are offered the possibility of leading a better life.

The mayor of Charleroi, Paul Magnette, or the mayor of Waterloo, Florence Reuter, thus put on a pair of #mucosocks during their meeting with a person with cystic fibrosis who told them about his difficult daily life with the disease.

Cystic fibrosis is the most common serious genetic disease in Belgium. This disease, still incurable today, has a significant impact on the daily life of people with mucosa. Most of them have severely diminished lung capacity due to recurrent lung infections and inflammation. They also often suffer from serious digestive problems.

“The aim of current treatment is to prevent, slow down and alleviate the symptoms of the disease, but this costs patients a lot of time, energy and money. Scientific research, with a view to developing more effective and ultimately curable treatments for cystic fibrosis, is therefore of fundamental importance. Research enables those affected by the disease to experience a better and longer life. With our ‘mucosocks’ campaign, we support research against the cystic fibrosis with the hope of definitively overcoming the disease one day”, concludes Stefan Joris, director of the Muco Association.​

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