Mazepin denounces Haas: "I haven't been paid yet"

Cproblems continue between Nikita Mazepin and Haas. The relationship between the two ended controversially after the team decided to terminate their contract after the Russian invasion of Ukraineand Kevin Magnussen ended up taking his seat in the competition.

In a new chapter of this rupture, the pilot now assures that he has not received part of the payments that correspond to him by contract. With this circumstance on the table, confirms that he has denounced Haas because they still have not paid him a part of the salary that they had in arrears, as well as the alleged pertinent compensation after terminating the contract that binds them.

“When the contract was terminated, Haas had salary arrears for this year and they haven’t paid yet. It seems to me that the employer should at least compensate the salary up to the moment of dismissal and probably pay some severance pay,” Mazepin reveals to RBC.

It also explains how the termination of the contract affected Uralkali to their continuity within the team. There were two practically consecutive contract breaks. “We had two independent contracts. And the termination of the agreement with the main sponsor (Uralkali) did not have a direct impact on my future in the team. I mean, they made two separate decisions. “, he points.

But it is clear with what will come in the future: “I didn’t see my money, so we’re going to court.”

“Several pilots have supported me”

But what happened when Mazepin’s dismissal was announced? According to the version of the pilot, many of his companions showed him their support. “Of course, I received the support of my colleagues. Several known pilots who are now in the ‘top 5’ They have written me private messages,” he maintains, although without revealing the names.

“Some decided to support me publicly, others, to remain silent. But I am not judging anyone,” he clarifies. “A person should be entitled to his opinion in any field. Both in his personal life and in his political life. In addition, everyone has the right to be publicly neutral,” he says about the treatment he received at the time he had to leave Formula 1.

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