Mazzù counts on Anderlecht against Brugge: "I hope we will still have a few points in advance tonight"

Undav: “Too bad we didn’t score today because we deserved the victory. We are still hopeful for the future because whatever happens we will always be in the lead despite the Brugge result. We talked a lot in the middle of time and we were really better in the second half, especially the last quarter of an hour, during which we got many chances.”

Moris: “Given the game, I would say that the result is logical. We defended very well and I tried to do my best to keep the zero. We had the chances at the end and we have to score, we going to work on that for next week.”

De Laet: “We had chances but we too often made the wrong choice, whether in the last pass, or the control, or the shot. We can also consider ourselves lucky because the Union had great opportunities to score late in the game. It was really not an easy game today but we knew that in advance.”

Priske: “We would have preferred to win but we are satisfied with the split point. The first half was for us but the second was clearly in favor of Union, especially the last 10 minutes. When we play at home we have to trying to win, the changes haven’t always been enough.”

Mazzu: “If we look at the last 20 minutes it’s actually two points lost. Today we could have won but we must not forget that Anthony Moris had to pull off the big game twice. Deniz Undav and Dante Vanzeir have scored so much this season that we have to forgive them for the missed chances today. How am I going to follow the Topper tonight? Sit down to start! Seriously, I hope we still have some points advance – and I say it with an ‘s’ – on our dolphin at the end of the evening.”

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