Mbappé, future alternative as 9 in Madrid

DFor many months, Real Madrid has dreamed of having in the white squad Erling Haland Y Kylian Mbapp. The leaders of Real Madrid, too. They tried but the economic and even the sporting reality advised a timely withdrawal. The question that the amateur asks points to the position of center forwardwhich seems to need reinforcement before the contribution of Mariano and Jovic, players with the transferable sign. The idea is clear and it is to find that young player that can be among the best in a short time.

The idea of ​​coaches and leaders of the Madrid entity, with Benzema as the undisputed starterit is that it is Kylian Mbapp the footballer who can do the times of nine, attacker reference. The PSG player still knows it and knows it and, although until now he has always moved starting from a band, It is not an idea that seems far-fetched.

This does not mean that Real Madrid is not looking for that player in the market who can make a difference. They consider that there is no urgency, that once Haaland has already committed to City, they have to look for the best in that position, but without forgetting what is in the current squad. Namely, slowly but surely. With the French on the horizon, the solutions are greater and varied, but that unknown will be resolved the moment it appears in Madrid, but not to spend the day and yes to stay permanently.

Fixed Vincius, Benzema and Rodrygo

For the next season, Real Madrid have Vincius, Benzema and Rodrygo with a fixed place in attack. Hazard and his ankle are all unknownbut everything indicates that the Belgian continue one more campaign despite the physical problems he has suffered. With Mariano and Jovic is not counted and the unknown of knowing what will happen with Marco Asensiowhose contract ends on June 30, 2023.

That possible nine will not come out of the names that have appeared with a Madridista past such as Ral de Toms or Borja Mayoral. That is not the idea because they believe that if Mbapp arrives there is no hurry before the proven good moment for Benzema. They seek an investment in the future and not in the present.

Endrick and Moukoko

The name that has sounded the most in recent months is that of a boy barely 15 years old whose name is Endrick. His age makes any movement impossible, but I know it’s true that the Brazilian was clear that his future destiny would not be the team that Erling Haaland attended. The Palmeiras striker amazes, but now he has to prove it in the first team.

Another name that has drawn attention in recent months is another striker from the Borussia Dortmund factoryin this case the German of Cameroon origin from 17 years old Moukoko. Raised in the German club, his goalscoring figures in the lower categories and his way of moving when he has had the opportunity point to star In fact, he is a footballer who has been talked about since he was 12 years old.

One and others are alternatives, diamonds to be polished with a long way to go, just what Real Madrid are looking forthat player who ends up becoming a reference, as has happened with Vincius and Rodrygo.

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