Medellín Lottery: numbers, winners and results for Friday, November 18

The Medellin Lottery had a new draw this weekend in Colombia. On Friday, November 18, the results, winners, prizes and more were announced. This is the opportunity you were waiting for, so if you bought your ticket, check the numbers drawn and see if your luck has been with you during the game.

Take into account that this draw is played every Friday night (11:00 pm) and if it is a holiday, the game is postponed to the next business day. In addition, the results of the main chances that delivered new winners during this day were also known.

This is because the reward plans are really attractive, but in addition to this, the tickets are purchased at lower costs, compared to those of competing companies.

Results of the Medellín Lottery on Friday 11/18

Medellín Lottery jackpot on Friday 11/18

• The winning number is: 3950

• Series: 094

Medellín Lottery: what is it about?

The Medellín Lottery is the main product of the entity, it is part of the sector of games of luck and chance in the traditional or ticket lottery category. The mechanics consists of hitting the four-figure Major Prize and its series, additionally, the prize plan offers multiple options to win thanks to dry prizes and the payment of some Major Approaches.

What happens if I win the Medellin Lottery?

In order to receive the award, you must first present the Single Tax Registry (RUT) certificate issued by the DIAN and a copy of the citizenship card. It is worth mentioning that a lottery winner will not receive the full sum of money because, as determined, the National Tax and Customs Directorate (DIAN) will deduct part of the amount.

This is how, in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Code, the winner will have to pay the tax for occasional earnings, which corresponds to 20% of the prize, plus the discount derived from the financial tax known as 4 x 1,000 on the gross value obtained. .

Medellín Lottery: list of prizes

The different prizes offered by the Medellín Lottery are the following:

  • Major Prize: 9,000 million pesos
  • 1 Dry: 300 million pesos
  • 1 Dry: 100 million pesos
  • 2 Dry: 50 million pesos
  • 5 Dry: 20 million pesos
  • 25 Dry: 10 million pesos

It should be noted that to participate in the lottery you need to purchase a ticket whose price is 18,000 Colombian pesos and is made up of 9 fractions. Each individual electronic fraction has a value of 2,000 pesos.



The Medellín Lottery is played every Friday in Colombia.  (Video: Medellin Lottery)
The Medellín Lottery is played every Friday in Colombia. (Video: Medellin Lottery)

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