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Fired after 17 games and eliminations in the Copa do Brasil and Campeonato Gaúcho, the Uruguayan coach spoke about Colorado’s departure

Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF - Cacique Medina: coach criticized Internacional's management
Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF – Cacique Medina: coach criticized Internacional’s management

the uruguayan Alexander “Cacique” Medina had a short and unsuccessful stint in the International. Announced even before the beginning of 2022, the coach was fired in April, after 17 matcheswith six victories, six draws and five defeats, accumulating 47% of use. Last week, he was announced as the new commander of the Velez Sarsfieldgives Argentina.

During an interview with ESPN Uruguay, Medina recalled moments of his time in Colorado. “We went with a lot of hope and illusion. Inter came looking for us with a lot of desire and aiming to try to win a state championship since they hadn’t won for seven years. The first tournament we played in was the regional one and unfortunately we couldn’t win“, he explained.

We tried to change the squad a little bit. We brought in 14 players and they left the same amount. It is very difficult for a team to be assembled in 17 games. The team was evolving, improving, it already had many of the situations we wanted, but we didn’t have enough time to complete“, added the coach.

In the view of “Cacique”, the short period in Beira-Rio impeded the evolution of the work that was being carried out. Aware of the backstage of Brazilian football, the coach criticized the colorada direction and pointed to the changes in the technical command as responsible for the period without titles for the Club.

It lacked a little time, but football doesn’t give you a breath in that sense. At Talleres we got the right results, but at Inter it didn’t happen. With 17 games it’s too early to draw conclusions. Inter have been in a situation like this for many years, constantly changing coaches, so they don’t reach the goal of being champions either.“, added the Uruguayan.

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