What are the capacities of the Medium Sanitary Impact Phase?

This Thursday all the communes of the Metropolitan Region will go to the Medium Sanitary Impact phase. Next, we explain what the capacity of this phase is.

© ONE AgencyWhat are the capacities of the Medium Sanitary Impact Phase?

After the recent increase in cases of Covid-19 in Chile, the Ministry of Health made the decision to move a total of 95 communes in our country to the Medium Sanitary Impact phase. Among these communes, are all those of the Metropolitan Region.

This change will be effective tomorrow, Thursday May 12, at 05.00 in the morning.

“Fortunately we still have no communes in the red phase (High Health Impact), but it is essential to remember that this is thanks to the joint effort that we as a community put into maintaining care measures”declared the undersecretary of Public Health, Cristóbal Cuadrado.

Let us remember that in the new Step by Step plan, there are three phases, which are: High Sanitary Impact, Medium Sanitary Impact and Low Sanitary Impact.

Specifically, the Medium Sanitary Impact phase is the one that considers a scenario where we are exposed to greater pressure on the healthcare network, greater viral circulation and the occurrence of serious illnesses and deaths, as well as higher rates of hospital occupancy and respiratory consultationsthan in the previous phase of Low health impact.

In this phase the use of masks is mandatory in open spaces where a physical distance of more than 1 meter cannot be maintained. In addition, the Mobility Pass is required in all places, except in educational establishments and workplaces.

Next, we will tell you what the new capacity will be in the RM during the Medium Sanitary Impact Phase.

What will be the new capacities in the Metropolitan Region?

The new capacity of the Medium Impact Phase will be:

  • In closed spaces people They must maintain a physical distance of at least 1 meter, and the mobility pass will be mandatory.
  • In massive events, both in open and closed spaces, they will have a maximum capacity of up to 10 thousand people, with a mask and mobility pass, provided that the space of the enclosure allows the established physical distance of 1 meter (1 person every 4 m2).

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