Mehdi Bayat defends the organization of the World Cup in Qatar: "We must support the country"

Sunday evening, the World Cup officially started in Qatar with all the controversy that pursues it. According to Mehdi Bayat, the former president of the Belgian Football Union and current managing director of Sporting Charleroi, the choice of Qatar as the host country is understandable because “you have to give the chance to all parts of the world”.

Our guest therefore welcomes the discovery of a new location for the competition. “I don’t have a problem with that, on the contrary I think it’s fine to go out a little bit and go to a new country, a new geographical area,” said Mehdi Bayat, who nevertheless regrets the timing of the competition which is played at the end of the year and which turns everything upside down in the football championships.

Regarding the boycott of certain politicians towards this competition, the managing director of the Zebras believes that it has no reason to be and that it is necessary to be more “measured” with Qatar. “I think we have to support the country (Editor’s note: Qatar) in the development it is trying to give itself.”

In terms of predictions for the World Cup, Mehdi Bayat sees Brazil and Argentina as big favorites even if he “hopes from the bottom of his heart that our boys will win”.

Regarding the games stopped in our Pro League, things are changing for the better, says Mehdi Bayat: “The stadium whistles at supporters who act badly. We have a minority who make themselves heard much louder than the rest of the stadium and who, at one point, drifted and they felt the situation slipped out of their hands like it does in Charleroi and now we have a majority of supporters saying they are fed up and making their voices heard.”

The managing director of Charleroi also mentioned the role of stewards in football stadiums in Belgium regarding the searches of supporters. The law “should change to give clubs more responsibility”.

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