Merger Bastogne-Bertogne: "We won't back down"

Comments by Benoît Piedboeuf on the results of the popular consultation organized on Sunday in Bertogne caused the mayor of Bertogne, Jean-Marc Franco, to react.

“Benoît Piedboeuf criticizes the way the merger process between Bastogne and Bertogne took place. He forgets that the Walloon parliament rejected an amendment proposing to make public consultation compulsory in July this yearhe points out. He confuses referendum and popular consultation. We refer him to his lawyers to explain the difference between the two.”

The Bertognard mayor also recalls the obligations contained in the decree on mergers, voted by the Walloon parliament – MR, PS, Ecolo, les Engagés – on a text proposed by Minister MR Valerie Debue.

“All these obligations have been respected by the municipalities of Bastogne and Bertogne, he continues. Benoît Piedboeuf shows no political coherence.”

Jean-Marc Franco returns to a popular consultation that took place in 2016 in the municipality of Fauvillers concerning the takeover of water management by the SWDE. “ Despite a similar participation (38%) to that of this Sunday in Bertogne and a close result (57% against), the town, of which the MR is in the majority, had decided to hand over its network to the SWDE.

The Bertognard mayor is surprised that Benoît Piedboeuf was not moved at the time and that the MR representatives remained in the municipal majority. “His current criticisms are therefore absolutely not credible. Indeed, his position simply varies according to the presence of the MR in the opposition or in the municipal majority. The decree has been respected, the result of the popular consultation does not is not binding. We will not back down.”

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