Lionel Messi, during the press conference.  Photo: Fernando de la Orden / Special Envoy

The captain of the Argentine National Team speaks at a press conference and did not avoid the favoritism with which he arrives at the World Cup. He compared the group to that of Brazil 2014, when it was runner-up.

The captain of the Argentine National Team, Lionel Messidid not dodge this Monday the favoritism that the Albiceleste has for this World Cup in Qatar 2022, which he insisted could be the last of his career, and considered “handsome” that the majority of the football world wants him to win the title in Doha, in his fifth World Cup appearance.

“I feel very good physically, I think I’m arriving at a great moment both personally and physically and I don’t have any problems. I trained differently because I had a blow, as a precaution, but nothing unusual”responded to the first press inquiry in the FIFA IBC conference room, packed with journalists from around the world.

Lionel Messi, during the press conference. Photo: Fernando de la Orden / Special Envoy

“It’s another moment of the season, we arrived differently in terms of physicality. We practically didn’t have time to prepare, we knew it would be like that, we arrived well. It’s always special to play a World Cup, the atmosphere that exists before the first game” , indicated.

“Now we arrive with many fewer games, it’s always at the end of the season with all the hustle and bustle. I tried to play to pick up the pace, but I didn’t do anything special. I took care of myself and worked as I did throughout my career, knowing that this is probably my last chance to achieve the big dream that we all have, but I didn’t do anything special,” he said.

On Saudi Arabiathe rival of the start of group C: “We hope to be able to continue doing this during this time with this group, which has been growing game after game, which feels very good in the group and is reflected on the pitch. It’s going to be a difficult game because it’s the start of the World Cup, for many will be their first World Cup and each one will handle anxiety and nerves as best they can. When the first five minutes pass we will find our game, go look for the game and always respecting the rival as we have been doing”.

What will you tell your companions? “It’s difficult right now to make them understand that they have to enjoy themselves, because it’s difficult at their age to think so because it happened to me. You never know if they’re going to play another World Cup, that’s why they have to enjoy the people, the game , and then isolate themselves from all that to try to play as we have done so far.”


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