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The leader of the Argentina national team said that the defeat from Saudi Arabia was a heavy blow for his team. “We didn’t expect it to start like this,” he added.

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Photo: Matthias Hangst / Getty Images

Argentina’s leader Lionel Messi has said there is no excuse for his team’s loss to Saudi Arabia in the first leg of the World Cup in Qatar. The forward quotes Twitter (the social network is blocked in Russia) of the national team.

“We have no excuses. Now we will be more united than ever. This team is strong and they showed it. This is a situation that we have not had to deal with for a long time. Now we have to show that we are a real team,” said Messi.

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According to Messi, the defeat was a heavy blow for the Argentina national team. “This is a very hard blow for everyone, we did not expect it to start like this. Everything happens for a reason. Now we have to think about what lies ahead for us,” Messi added.

Argentina lost 1-2, ending their 36-match unbeaten streak.

In the second round on November 26, Argentina will play with Mexico.

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