Millie Bobby Brown, from Stranger Things to Star Wars

A successful series can change everything in a career. Since 2016, thanks to the exceptional audiences of Stranger Things on Netflix, Millie Bobby Brown has established herself as the new star that all of Hollywood is snapping up. Including for blockbusters like Godzilla vs Kong or Enola Holmes. And although she’s only been 18 since February 19, she could pocket a superstar salary by becoming the heroine of an upcoming Star Wars. Just that.

According to The Mirrorthe company with the big round ears would be ready to offer him a contract of 15 million dollars to enter the universe created by George Lucas. “Millie is on Disney’s radar for new projects Star Wars, explained a source as well informed as anonymous with the newspaper. She has already had contact with Kathleen (Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, editor’s note), who is aware of her desire to appear in a film or to play a central role in one of the new Disney + series. Disney executives know how much she already represents an icon for the public aged 10 to 30, and all that she can bring in terms of attraction. She could easily pocket 15 million dollars for her first film or a series. And she wouldn’t need to audition: it’s more a matter of agreement with the director. She has the seriousness necessary to play the main role in this universe.

Things should settle down quickly, because the agenda of the young actress is largely filled, with a fifth season of Stranger Things and four feature films planned for the coming months.

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