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Nathan attracts interest from Italian clubs, Bragantino arms himself to hold young man

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF |  Bragantino receives millionaire proposal from Italian team
© 1904Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF | Bragantino receives millionaire proposal from Italian team

In a short time since reaching the top division, the Bragantino has already demonstrated that it has a very clear working model: betting on young athletes who have a lot of potential, but who do not gain much space in their clubs. That’s how the Gross Mass hired names like Artur, Helinho and Praxedes, from Palmeiras, São Paulo and Internacional, respectively. Within this style, the Club that has huge investment hit the post in the last edition of the Copa Sudamericana, being the runner-up, for Athletico Paranaense.

And, in this wave of young people that the Gross Mass has been hiring, is Nathandefender trained in the base categories of the Flamengo. The young man was traded on loan with an option to buy. At first, Natan was traded for R$5 million, but after reaching a 20-match clause for the team, the Club paid the remaining R$22 million, totaling R$27 million for the defender.

The Club’s objective is to hire low and sell high, a model followed by Red Bull’s satellite teams, mainly Salzburg, from Austria, and Leipzig, from Germany. O modus operandi very well designed, makes Bragantino a team that can remain for many years on the first shelf of Brazilian football. Another factor that contributes to this model is the fact that Clube de Bragança Paulista has a fan base that supports this type of initiative. In other words, the club uses this artifice to be patient in the stoning of young athletes to the detriment of their training clubs, where, generally, the pressure makes them not perform.

In this scenario, the sheriff gained space in the starting lineup precisely when Flamengo hired Fabrício Bruno, opening a gap in the defenders of the São Paulo team. In this way, Natan established himself in the starting lineup by forming a pair of defenders with Léo Ortiz. And, demonstrating good football in the first half of 2022, the athlete attracts interest from Italian football.

Therefore, the hellas veronasent a proposal to 9 million euros (R$ 48 million) to count on the ex-Flamengo. However, the amount is considered below, given that Bragantino understands that the athlete has room for growth. Therefore, the proposal was rejected. There are rumors that the Pomegranate also prepares an offer for Nathan. On social media, Flamengo fans were revolted by the appreciation of the young man and were dissatisfied with the sale of the athlete “they sold the mlq at a bargain price”, said one fan.

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