Mobility around the Pont Capitte in question: "some freelancers are also penalized"

For the past few days, gantries limiting traffic to vehicles over 2.25 m have been installed on both sides of the Capitte bridge to prevent vehicles over 7.5 tonnes, apart from public transport and emergency services, from cross a bridge weakened by the weight of the many vehicles that have crossed it since its construction. A measure that does not please Councilor MR Olivier Destrebecq who will challenge the College this Tuesday evening during the municipal council. “The measure is commendable, but large vans can no longer drive there either and some self-employed people are penalized and have to make detours that are not possible”, indicates the municipal councilor. “Whether the road and the bridge are the responsibility of the municipality or the SPW, that, the citizen has nothing to do with it. All that is his responsibility are the mobility problems that this measure implies.

The diversions put in place also pose a problem according to the adviser. “Inevitably, all these trucks passing through streets that are not suitable for the circulation of heavy goods vehicles will cause problems one day or another. Indeed, once we have spent money to repair or replace the bridge, we will certainly have to redo other streets…

Forced and Forced

For the mayor, this controversy is not one. “We have been summoned by the SPW to take measures to enforce those taken in 2018 concerning the circulation of heavy goods vehicles on the bridge which was weakened in which case the SPW threatened to close this bridge, which is unthinkable“, told us Jacques Gobert. “It was not us who decided on the height of these mobile gantries, but rather the SPW. We wanted to place templates on each side of the bridge so that the drivers could see directly that it could or could not pass but that was refused to us.

As for the state of the streets of Grande Louvière and Tir which are used for diversions, the debate does not exist for the mayor. “As soon as the SPW declared the bridge dilapidated, we organized a citizen meeting with the affected residents and we took the necessary steps to have these streets redone in anticipation of the deviations.

Currently, the SPW is in the process of consolidating the bridge by placing props on each side under the bridge to reinforce its solidity. The construction of a new bridge is on the table but it would not be for now, the SPW still having to enter its permit. During the construction of the new bridge, another, temporary one, will be installed over the canal.

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