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Player is down on the French team and in addition to Inter, he has polls from another Brazilian football team

Photo: Ivan Storti-Jean Lucas
Photo: Ivan Storti-Jean Lucas

O International already has a defined backbone for 2023, which is the runner-up base of the Brasileirão. Now, to win national and international titles again next season, Mano Menezes has already asked president Alessandro Barcellos to go to the market in search of reinforcements to qualify the squad. The coach wants the representative to focus his attention on the midfield and attack. The commander’s idea is to bring in new athletes who act as midfielders, in the attack on the edges of the field and at least one more center forward.

Colorado is quite lacking in the midfield sector. That’s because the first midfielder Gabriel ended up undergoing surgery after breaking his left knee in a duel against Santos, in Beira-Rio. In addition to number 5, Liziero ended up returning to Sao Paulo and Edenilson asked to leave Beira-Rio next season. Barcellos wants around R$ 10 million to release the professional, which generates the interest of saints and Atlético Mineiro.

Some names are already on the table of president Alessandro Barcellos to replace the trio of athletes in 2023. A name that coach Mano Menezes likes a lot is Monaco midfielder Jean Lucas. The athlete is low on the French team and the technical commission has already warned that he can loan the Brazilian right after the World Cup. As he has good movement, the professional ended up praising Mano Menezes.

Aware of the possibility of having the midfielder on loan in 2023, president Alessandro Barcellos started conversations with the player’s staff, Eduardo Uram, and is already considering making a proposal to the French in the coming days.🇧🇷 Monaco’s initial idea was to negotiate the Brazilian permanently, but as no one was interested in the athlete, the directors understand that shooting the player would be the best option. The information is from the portal Ball Market.

Even with the French easing a little in negotiations, it will not be easy to bring Jean Lucas to Beira Rio. That’s because the midfielder is in Santos’ sights and the athlete is not only very dear to everyone in Vila Belmiro, but he also has a lot of affection for Peixão and has already expressed his desire to return to Alvinegro Praiano in the future.

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