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Monkeypox has already arrived in Chile, then we will tell you how many cases of this disease there are currently in the national territory.

Monkeypox in Chile
© Getty ImagesMonkeypox in Chile

Monkeypox is a disease that is causing great concern to the population due to its rapid spread across various continents.

Just a few days ago the first case was confirmed in our countrywhich was a young adult from the Metropolitan Region who had returned from a trip to Europe and who presented spots, scabs, vehicular lesions, decay and swollen glands.

Currently, there are more than 2 thousand cases of monkeypox in 42 countrieswith the majority of these coming from Europe (84%).

Regarding Latin America: Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico and Argentinaare the countries that have presented cases of people infected with this disease.

monkey pox detected by PCR. To do this, a sample of the skin lesions is taken: the roof or the liquid of the vesicles and pustules, and the dry crusts. The samples are then stored in a tube for analysis.

To be vigilant, it is important to remember that the symptoms of this disease are fever, headache, muscle pain, and fatigue. In addition, an inflammation of the lymph nodes is generated and it is common development of a rash all over the body, which is very itchy and that in its last stage ends up becoming a scab.

Next, we tell you how many cases there are currently confirmed in Chile.

How many cases are there in Chile of Monkeypox?

So far only confirmed two cases. The Ministry of Health reported that the new infected person is from the Araucania region and, like the first infected, has a history of have traveled to Europe.

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