Wearing the 'One Love' armband, banned for players, live on British TV: former England international Alex Scott.
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Former England international Alex Scott wears the One Love armband on BBC television. This is forbidden for the players. She is celebrated for her courage.

Munich – It was after the early fan flight at the opening game the second big excitement World Cup 2022 in Qatar: FIFA temporarily banned the wearing of the “One Love” captain’s armband as a sign of diversity and tolerance. Germany’s number one and captain Manuel Neuer stuck to the special bandage to the last. Because the DFB and the other countries do backed out, criticism rained down.

Manuel Neuer
Born: March 27, 1986 (36 years) in Gelsenkirchen
Position: goalkeeper
Internationals: 114
Girlfriend: Anika Bissel

World Cup 2022: Ex-English national player Alex Scott wears “One Love” on television – and is celebrated for it

Thanks to former England international Alex Scott, however, the “One Love” captain’s armband was clearly used. The 38-year-old works as an expert at the British television station during the World Cup BBC. In the preliminary reporting on the spectacular 6:2 opening victory of the Three Lions vs Iran Scott wore the armband on his left arm. The former defender was celebrated on social media for this action.

“More eggs than the England team and the FA (English Football Association, Note d. editor.) together,” claimed one user on Twitter. “I burst into tears when I saw that. Much respect to Alex Scott,” wrote another Twitter user. However, some accuse the ex-player of double standards and recall a photo before the 2018 World Cup in Russia in which she posed with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Wearing the ‘One Love’ armband, banned for players, live on British TV: former England international Alex Scott. ©screenshot

FIFA justifies the “One Love” ban with the regulations – are there consequences for Scott?

World Football Association FIFA had recently banned the “One Love” captain’s armband and justified this with the World Cup regulations recognized by all participants. In a statement, the association explicitly emphasized Article 13.8.1 of the Equipment Rules: “For FIFA finals, the captain of each team must wear an armband provided by FIFA.”

FIFA supports campaigns like “One-Love”, but this must be done within the framework of the rules known to everyone. It remains to be seen whether Scott will have to face the consequences of her courageous action. In any case, what Qatar wanted has always been done. Be it when serving beer in the stadiums or wearing the “One Love” bandage. (jg)

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