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Martin Rodriguez manages various offers in addition to the already formalized interest of colo colo. But the MLS thing is serious and his return to the Monumental at the insistent request of Gustavo Quinteros seems that it is not going to happen.

Martín Rodríguez points to the MLS and Gustavo Quinteros has all the earmarks of staying with the desire of his return to Colo Colo.
© Agency OneMartín Rodríguez points to the MLS and Gustavo Quinteros has all the earmarks of staying with the desire of his return to Colo Colo.

Martin Rodriguez It’s been an “obsession” for a long time Gustavo Quinteros. The DT brought him back to colo colo and saw with rage how he left just a semester later. “He is irreplaceable, all because of a poorly made contract”, he shot live after a game after his departure to the Altay Sport from Turkey. He asked for his return in the next market, it could not happen and now that there is a chance to pay an exit clause to his cast in Turkey, the white strategist returned to the fray but, again, it seems that he is going to stay with the desire to.

The first alert was placed by the Martin Rodriguez while streaming on his Twitch channel. “The Colo Colo thing is separate, let’s put it aside please. Nothing is known and it probably won’t happen, ”he commented, somewhat tired of so many questions while he enjoyed the video games of him, the one born in Huachipato.

And it is that colo colo don’t run alone Although he has already made a formal offer and in the Monumental they are willing to pay Rodríguez’s exit clause to Altay Spor, there are three more options: one not so attractive in Turkey, another in Brazil in second order and a very juicy and straight unattainable for the Chilean market from the MLS.

Although at one point it occurred to Martin Rodriguez out of Altay Sport due to a debt, it was quickly regularized by the Turkish cast, so, to get it out, you have to pay the clause of about 300 thousand dollars. Colo Colo is willing to make such an investment, but the other thing is to reach an agreement with the player, something that, for now, seems very unlikely.

Gustavo Quinteros requested to take over the available spaces for reinforcements. He first asked for a goalkeeper yes or yes due to Brayan Cortés’s injury, but Indio’s recovery made that option stop. Then he focused his darts on a central defender and wanted Ramiro González, with whom they reached an agreement and it was announced that he would be hired if he passed the medical exams, which he did not pass due to problems with both knees. The club decided not to sign him despite the insistence of the DT. And now, everything indicates that great desire will not be given either, while they wait for a response from Leandro Benegas, the one pointed out by the Argentine to be raised by Juan Martín Lucero.

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