More than 10,000 angry teachers in the streets of Liège!

They demand resources, time… and say no to the pact of excellence!

“Cheap education, exploited generation”, “No to the pact of excellence” or “In class, it’s the size that counts”… the punch-lines on the banners were legion, this Thursday morning at the Guillemins station in Liège. After Brussels and Mons, the trade unions and the world of Education have indeed made an appointment this Thursday, around 10 a.m., opposite the Calatrava station. And on the vast esplanade, in a few tens of minutes, more than 10,000 teachers and union members gathered, proof that the determination was great.

“What we want to do today is challenge all parties on the situation of education”told us Jorre Dewitte, for the CGSP-Teaching, “because after having challenged the ministers in Brussels, certain schools in Mons, we wanted all elected officials to understand that this concerns them”.

No to the pact of excellence

The crowd had to pass through all the party seats (PS, MR, Les Engagés, Écolo and PTB) and a clear message was sent to them: “We want more resources for teachers”. To meet the demands on the ground, we must understand what, precisely, the pact of excellence does not do, quite the contrary. “Our main request does not concern a salary increase, even if there has not been an increase for more than 10 years”continues Fabien Crutzen, permanent CSC Teaching, “but we need a real revaluation of working conditions”.

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