Moreira debuts on pole with Guevara ahead of García Dols

Diogo Moreira achieved his first pole position in the Moto3 World Championship at Silverstone. The Brazilian ‘rookie’ surprised everyone and is the first rider from his country to get it in the small class. Guevara, in front of Garca Dols.

The temperature was somewhat higher, but without “excesses”: 20 degrees in the environment and 30 on the asphalt. With shy sun and clouds.

Marc Garcia debuts in the small class The former Supersport300 champion in 2017 replaces Joel Kelso in the CIP. Carraro replaces Bertelle and will do so for the rest of the year.

In the Q1almost all eyes were on the leader. Sergio Garcia Dols He suffers on the English track and did not slip into Q2 in the third free practice. Up to eight Spaniards had to go through the playoffs: the aforementioned Sergio, Masi, David Muoz, Tatay, Artigas, Adrin Fernndez, Ana Carrasco and Marc Garca.

The man from Castellón suffered. I went out with used tires and finished it all. Meanwhile, Rossi, Furusato and Adrian Fernndez and Masi, who were filming together, were in the cut.

García Dols, already with new forms, sought to go out alone and not follow the wheel. He had a good time… which left Jaume out. There was one final attempt left and Artigas took advantage of it, even overtaking riders. Thus, they passed: Rossi, Artigas, Garca Dols and Furusato. On the grid, David Muoz will start 19; Adrian Fernndez, who will have to go through the ‘Long Lap’ as Muoz, 20; Massi, 21; Tatay, 22; Ana Carrasco, 29 and Marc Garcia, 30.

In the start of the Q2nobody wanted to shoot. They all looked at each other. In fact, the Leopards returned to the pits without completing a lap when they saw that they were being followed. And with both others returned, like Guevara. García Dols took over leading a group, although Migno overtook him. Toba, who was going to slipstream of both, put himself first.

The times were going to improve a lot. Moreira reached the head with a very time at the wheel of Rossi. Sergio stopped. Suzuki pulled Foggia. It serves them to climb quite a bit.

Guevara chose, again, to go alone. Oncu and Artigas tried to follow him. Izan was put second showing the power of him.

The last attempt was missing. Suzuki led Foggia again. Yamanaka caught them rolling, like Oncu and Artigas with Guevara. But Suzuki cut off and left Dennis alone. like Guevara. No one improved from above, so the pole was for Diogo Moreira, the rookie, with his partner Yamanaka, third. Brutal result for the new MT Helmets MSi team.

The South American, based in Alcarrs, was euphoric. “I hope it’s the first of many.” Izan was content. “The goal was the front row,” he said on DAZN.

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