Much-discussed Cristiano Ronaldo gives press conference and yet there are hardly any people: “Stop asking teammates about me”


Cristiano Ronaldo showed up for Portugal’s press conference in Qatar and yet there were hardly any people. That was because the presence of the Portuguese star, who has been in the news every day since his explosive interview, was not announced. The journalists present were shocked when he suddenly sat in front of them.

Michael Van Damme

The limited number of journalists present could ask Cristiano Ronaldo questions for the first time since the explosive interview with which he blew up his bridges at Manchester United. According to Ronaldo, this will not affect the Portuguese national team during the World Cup, where two more United players are with Bruno Fernandes and Diogo Dalot to Qatar.

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“I realize that episode, that interview, like other incidents that sometimes happen between footballers, can affect a player, but it will never affect an entire team,” Ronaldo said.

Ronaldo also returned to the cool greeting with Bruno Fernandes when the two met in Portugal’s dressing room. The scene was captured on video.

“We were playing around a bit. His plane was delayed and I asked him: did you come by boat? I can take a beating because I wear a bulletproof vest, but stop asking my teammates at Portugal for me. Ask questions about the World Cup.”

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CR7 said the following about the timing of the interview in question. “I speak up when I want to. It’s easy for you to look at the timing. Sometimes you write truths, sometimes lies. All fellow internationals and staff members know me well, some even since I was eleven. They are really not influenced by what the media say and write about me.”



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