Murder of Jacques Hermail in La Louvière: the three accused found guilty

Jacques Hermail was burned alive in his apartment, rue des Carrelages, after being sprayed with kerosene.

The jurors established the guilt of Michaël Liégeois on the basis of his statements made before the investigators, reiterated before the investigating judge and before the court. He was in confession of having struck Jacques Hermail and of having sprayed him with kerosene before setting the fire. His statements are confirmed by those of his co-defendants, according to whom he did nothing to put out the fire.

His genetic fingerprint was found on the cap of an oil can and his clothes were soaked in oil.

As for Gérard Dujardin, he attended the scene without moving and without ever dissociating himself from Michaël Liégeois, which encouraged the latter to continue his criminal act. He was also the first to strike the victim.

The third defendant, Jymmi Durieux, was present when Jacques Hermail was beaten up and sprayed with kerosene. He did not distance himself from the crime.

Jurors find him not credible when he says he used a bucket and a blanket to try to save the victim, who was sheltering him. His DNA on the handle of the bucket proves nothing, he was able to seize this object at another time since he lived with Jacques Hermail. As for the blanket, it was not covered with any traces of burns or blows. For the jurors, Jimmi Durieux is co-author of a murder, beyond all reasonable doubt.

On February 1, 2020, the accused were at Jacques Hermail’s, rue des Carrelages in La Louvière, at the end of the afternoon. They had spent the day drinking. An argument broke out in the apartment and Jacques Hermail was severely beaten and then burned alive.

The three men abandoned him to his fate and went to eat fries. Jymmi Durieux returned to the scene at 10:30 p.m., about an hour and a half after the incident. Jacques Hermail was still alive. Jimmy called for help. Jacques Hermail died at 11:45 p.m. due to severe burns.

Sentencing will take place on Thursday.

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