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Information was released this morning, Friday (13)

Murilo Huff's official Instagram - Murilo poses for his social networks.
Murilo Huff’s official Instagram – Murilo poses for his social networks.

Murilo Huff, former partner of Marília Mendonça, a famous national singer who died in a plane crash in November 2021, would be living a new romance. According to information from the website “Contigo!”, the singer’s advice would have confirmed the rumors about the famous new love.

Since the rumors took over the internet, netizens are trying to find out information about Murilo’s new affair, father of Marília’s son. Nicole Melo, 27 years old, is a doctor specializing in the field of dermatology and was born in Goiás.

In addition to acting as a health professional, the blonde takes risks as a digital influencer. In her official Instagram profile, which has more than 33 thousand followers, the famous has already posed as a model for some famous clothing brands, such as “ss.beachwear”.

In addition to sharing clicks from her travels in Brazil and abroad (Chile, South Africa and the United States are some of the countries visited by Nicole), the doctor campaigns in favor of animals. Among the campaigns are adoption and fundraising for abandoned animals.

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