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The player has been constantly criticized for his performances on the field and the Portuguese coach got real about the situation


In the first game of the third phase of the Copa do Brasil, this Saturday (30), in Barueri, Palmeiras beat Juazeirense by 2 to 1. Verdão had some difficulties against the team, however coach Abel praised the posture of its athletes. on the field and emphasized that the obligation from now on is to guarantee qualification for the next phase. In addition to talking about the match, the Portuguese came out in defense of a player on his team who has been constantly charged and bugged by the crowd.

The midfielder Atuesta, Abel acknowledged that the player is not experiencing a good phase in the team, but emphasized that he believes in his potential: “Yes, he is not in his best form. I don’t like to hide. to put their finger on a player, they are all. It’s not just one.”

The coach continued by emphasizing that the player needs to understand a little more about the position, but that everyone is available to help: “It’s true, he’s complicating his game a little bit, in those easy passes that annoy everyone, who can’t fail. He has to understand a little bit of the position. We are here to help everyone, as we always have and will continue to do. It is in these players that we believe, these are the players who have given us joy, we are here to help.”

Abel stated that the responsibility is his, and that he, as a coach, has to better guide his athletes: “When players do poorly, it’s my responsibility, I didn’t give the right instructions, the feedback I gave was not the most correct. . We have to give affection to everyone in the same way, and give time. Time is not the same for everyone. Some people adapt easily, others take longer. We have to give confidence!”

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