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In an interview given last week, the commander also spoke about what he expects for Tricolor in 2023

Pedro H. Tesch/AGIF.  Renato Gaúcho jokes with athlete in interview
Pedro H. Tesch/AGIF. Renato Gaúcho jokes with athlete in interview

Grêmio coach Renato Portaluppi gave a long interview to journalist Rica Perrone, on his YouTube channel. And one of the subjects addressed was the renewal (or not) of striker Diego Souza. Grêmio’s top scorer in recent seasons, the athlete’s contract expires in December. However, Renato believes in a new renewal.

But it is clear that the commander, in a good mood, would not let the matter pass without revealing a bugle aimed at the attacker during Série B. “The day after the games, the players usually recover and stuff, then I go to the physiotherapy and I see Diego Souza lying on the stretcher, receiving a massage, this and that. I go there and say: ‘Diego, what are you doing there? You ran 500 meters yesterday. My statue ran faster than you’ (laughs). But he had a problem with a hernia and needed surgery. I think he stays with us for another year, yes”, joked Renato.

The coach also pointed out that he demanded the signing of the new president Alberto Guerra. 🇧🇷Let’s talk. He knows he needs to hire. Because, if he doesn’t sign, he goes back to Serie B. The level of the Brazilian Championship, playing against the big ones, is very different. You need to have a strong group. But the president knows this. He knows he needs to spend. There’s no way, you have to spend”, said Portaluppi.

Currently 37 years old, Diego Souza has already stated his position in relation to his career: either he remains at Grêmio in 2023, or he will retire from the pitch. 🇧🇷Either I play for Grêmio, or I end my career in 2023. At my age, I need structure and a good team, in addition to being acclimated and happy. If I get to play another year, it would be a huge honor.”, commented the scorer, in a press conference given during this year.

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