Mylène Farmer flabbergasted by the current era: "I was thinking of stopping everything"

An interview with Mylène Farmer remains an event as the singer distils them drop by drop. A week before the release of The influenceher new album to be released on Friday, she confides exclusively in the pages of Sunday newspaper. It’s about the end of life, Madonna, literature. She notably gives news of her friend Salman Rushdie, who was stabbed this year. “I am happy that he survived this barbaric act. The idea that a free-thinking man should be condemned to protect himself all his life for having exercised his work as a writer revolts me.” She judges the universal theme: “There is a form of control in all areas where free will, free thought are undermined.”

On the other hand, as soon as the questions become more personal, the singer dodges them bluntly, arguing about her freedom, her choice to keep her gardens secret.

She still lifts a corner of the veil on what awaits her fans in a few days. The title of his disc refers to the hold that someone can have on someone else. “Who hasn’t crossed paths with a so-called narcissistic perverse person? […] It’s a theme that upsets me and often puts me in a black rage”, she explains. About the time that is ours, she says: “It’s hard not to be flabbergasted by this period when we are witnessing the end of a world.” “For a long time I was unable to write a word… I thought I would stop everything”, she confesses.

At the announcement of the stadium tour that she will do next year, with a passage through the King Baudouin stadium, many have also thought of a final singing tour before the curtain comes down definitively. We must admit that, as she titled it “Nevermore”, there is something to think about. Mylène Farmer, however, keeps the mystery about what will follow. “How to answer this question? I live in the present moment. I refuse to project myself, it is a source of terrible anxiety for me.”

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