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Lights appeared at night and scared the residents of regions of New Zealand

Spiral lights terrified New Zealand residents
© Reproduction/Youtube/Discovery BrasilSpiral lights terrified New Zealand residents

residents of New Zealand had a busy night last Sunday (19), this is because the inhabitants of the country were surprised by lights in mysterious spirals that hovered above their homes. The event stirred people up and they obviously suspected that it was a extraterrestrial manifestations.

However, after expert scientists evaluated the images, the researchers found plausible explanations for the strange lights that frightened New Zealanders. For an academic in University of Aucklandthe lights were nothing more than a cloud of debris left behind by a rocket that was leaving the Earth’s atmosphere.

When the propellant is ejected, you have what is essentially water and carbon dioxide – which briefly forms a cloud in space that is illuminated by the sun. The geometry of the orbit of the satellite and also the way we are sitting in relation to the Sun – this combination of things was perfect to produce these completely crazy looking clouds that were visible from the south island“, he explained, according to The Guardian.

The rocket in question would have been launched by the company “SpaceX”. “It looked like a huge spiral galaxy, just hanging in the sky and slowly floating. None of us had seen anything like this before. It was spectacular,” he said. Alasdair Burnswho works as a stargazing guide, according to The Guardian.

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