Julian Nagelsmann wants to be an adaptable coach.
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Of: Marius Epp

Julian Nagelsmann is a coach with clear tactical ideas. In the new season, however, he wants to change some of his style.

Munich – The fact that players adapt to the coach’s philosophy is in the nature of football. But with the really big clubs it’s not a one-way street – that’s what we recognized Julian Nagelsman in his first year as coach FC Bayern. He also has to adapt his style to the top players and the club.

And that’s exactly what the Landsberger wants to do. In an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung he is self-critical before the second season as Bayern coach. “As a trainer, I’m where I am today because I was successful in training thanks to a certain philosophy,” explains Nagelsmann.

Nagelsmann wants to change his coaching at Bayern

“By extreme provocation of tactical behaviors in training to adapt to the next opponent. At Bayern, the players weren’t used to it,” he explains. In the really big clubs, you don’t adapt so much to your opponent.

Julian Nagelsmann wants to be an adaptable coach. © IMAGO/Frank Hoermann/SVEN SIMON

The 35-year-old wants to change his approach on this point. The opponent preparation should not be given so much attention in the coming season. “It was never a sign of weakness for me, but I will deviate somewhat from my path in the new season. We will shorten the opponent preparation”, he announces.

FC Bayern: Nagelsmann’s new motto: “More focus on us, less on the opponent”

On vacation, Nagelsmann called several players and told them what he wanted to adjust: “More focus on us, less on the opponent”. One title per season is not enough in the long run, Nagelsmann knows that too. The Champions League defeat against FC Villarreal is still deep, as a recent statement by leading player Joshua Kimmich (the Bayern star here in the tz interview) at DAZN shows.

“I had a really hard time dealing with it. I still have that in the back of my mind.” So does the tactical offensive follow the transfer offensive? “Nothing will change in my basic idea – fast-paced football from your own possession of the ball,” assures the coach. But: “In football, the players should always be above the ideas of the coach.”

Nagelsmann spoke at the FAZ for the first time about his relationship with Lena Wurzenberger. (epp)

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