Oliver Kahn (FC Bayern) talks about the newcomers.
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Oliver Kahn (FC Bayern) talks about the newcomers. © IMAGO / MIS

FC Bayern contests the Bundesliga opener at Eintracht Frankfurt. There are enough topics of conversation. What do Julian Nagelsmann, Hasan Salihamidzic and Co. say? The voices.

Munich – It’s served! The 60th Bundesliga season starts with the match between Eintracht Frankfurt and the FC Bayern. One more than interesting encounterAfter all, the reigning Europa League winner with Bundesliga returnee Mario Götze meets the German record champions, who are dealing with Sadio Mane and Matthijs de Ligt has reinforced more than prominently.

In this respect, the game naturally offers a lot to talk about. What are the participants saying? Julian Nagelsman, Hasan Salihamidzic or Götze? There will be a lot to talk about at Bayern, as it is the first Bundesliga-Part after the departure of world footballer Robert Lewandowski.

Video: Julian Nagelsmann finds games in Frankfurt “not easy”

We summarize the voices from the Deutsche Bank Park and on DAZN and Sat.1 for you.

Julian Nagelsmann before the game over…

… his team: “We need more consistency. We lost in the second half of last season, but we still became champions. But to stay longer in all three competitions, we need more consistency.”

… Specifications for the Bayern players: “We’re trying to bring our own ideas and style of play onto the pitch even more.”

… Eintracht Frankfurt: “The opponents have gained a lot of self-confidence in the Europa League. They have a very good coach, Mario Götze as a new signing and a frenetic stadium. You have to be prepared for that. You can also use the atmosphere for yourself. They have a team that plays counter-pressing very passionately and physically.”

…. how far de Ligt is from the starting XI: “Not far anymore. He’s making very good progress. However, every player needs the prerequisites to achieve maximum performance. He was five or six days behind. But he has now caught up.”

Philipp Lahm (formerly FC Bayern) before the game over …

… Bayern without Robert Lewandowski: “It will be a different game, you saw that in the Supercup. A bit more variable, no longer with that one target player that the game is aimed at. Lewandowski has scored 30 to 40 goals per season, so I’m curious how they plan to compensate for that.”

… the Winter World Cup in Qatar: “If you award the World Cup there, which I find borderline, it can only take place in winter. It’s just too hot for the players there and you have to play in the winter. The teams and players who are not traveling to the World Cup have a two-month break as a result. I’m curious to see how they plan to stay in rhythm there.”

… the master candidates: “It’s always about three or four teams that can become champions. In the end, however, only one champion has ever won: FC Bayern. (…) At Bayern Munich, only former players have held managerial positions for decades. This is unique in Europe.”

… Excitement at the top of the Bundesliga: “You have to make sure it gets more exciting. At times there were gaps of over 20 points. That’s not the point. The neutral spectator wants a championship that is exciting until the last day of the game.”

Hansi Flick (national coach before the game at ran over…

… the Bundesliga: I am happy that it starts again. We have an exciting team with the European Cup winners. Bayern’s performance against Leipzig in the first half was also appealing.

... the possibility that Bayern will become champions again: “I suppose so, because they have a top team, even if they’ve lost Lewy now.”

… the Süle departure and his exchange with Nagelsmann in this regard: “We exchange ideas, but not on this topic. I can understand that you would have Niki Süle in the team, but things were predetermined.”

… the many millions that Bayern have now spent: “It always depends on what you do with it. It’s always good when fresh blood gets in. I had a great team back then, but of course it’s good for Julian. Let’s see what he makes of it.”

… possible World Cup chance for Mario Götze: “It’s very simple: He has to perform at his best and show that he’s fit. That he can be an alternative for the players who are currently with the national team. Which are also very good. We take a very close look at who can help us so that we can achieve our goal at the World Cup. Namely to get as far as possible.”

Hasan Salihamidzic (FC Bayern Board Member for Sport) before the game over …

… the departure of Lewandowski: “Lewy was there again and said goodbye. Everyone is happy now, Barcelona have gotten a good player, but we have also strengthened a lot.”

… a possible transfer for the storm center: “We are well staffed, even if the transfer market is open until the end of August.”

Oliver Kahn (CEO of FC Bayern) before the game about…

… the start of the Bundesliga: “The first game was always something very special. No player knows 100% for sure, let’s make it into competitive mode right away. The first game is not entirely without it. It helps confidence when you win the first game.”

… the Munich transfer offensive: “It has nothing to do with exclamation marks at all. It’s about the fact that we’ve strengthened very well. On the basis that we have a clear idea of ​​which players we want at Bayern. (…) It’s difficult to replace a player like Robert Lewandowski who scores 30, 40 goals a season. (…) It is not an easy task to replace him. But I think we’re in a good position. We always have to think about how and with whom we can strengthen the team.”

… time for the newcomers to settle in: “No one has time here (laughs). There are very experienced players like Sadio Mané. He won’t worry too much, he knows it all. We can assume that he will find his way in quickly. You have to give the young players like Gravenberch and Tel the necessary development time so that they can mature. We’re seeing Marcel Sabitzer, who didn’t do well last season, trying to get his teeth into the team.”

… possible further transfers: “The transfer window is open until the end of August. On the whole, however, we are done.”

… the master competition: “I don’t know if we have anyone to fear. We have respect for the teams, there’s no question about it. Borussia Dortmund have strengthened very well and will definitely want to attack. Leipzig have a very good team, you saw that in the Supercup. (…) There is no arrogance with us. Humility is good for us when we want to start trying to win everything again.”

Oliver Glasner (Eintracht Frankfurt coach) before the game about …

… the preparation: “We brought Rode because Bayern come into the room with Mané, Gnabry, Müller and Co. We have to close it, Basti is a very strong runner. Bayern plays a very aggressive counterpressing. We have players who can free themselves, we have enough speed.”

... the departure of Lewandowski: “They became champions ten times in a row, there were always other players there. Last year they lost Alaba and Boateng and they were still stable. It’s always difficult to play against Bayern.”


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