Nations League rocked by serious bus accident with Bulgaria's national team: Nedelev regains consciousness after skull surgery

Bulgarian international Todor Nedelev is conscious and responsive after surgery for a skull fracture. That is what the Bulgarian Football Association says.

Michiel VerheirstraetenSource: BELGA

The 29-year-old attacker was seriously injured in a collision between two buses in the Georgian capital Tbilisi. Bulgaria will play there today/Sunday in the Nations League against Georgia. The Bulgarians were transported from the airport in two buses to the hotel, but the vehicles collided in a tunnel. Nedelev, who was sitting in the back of the front bus, suffered a skull fracture.

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“It was a major operation and today we don’t want to rush anything. The most important thing is that Todor keeps calm and can recover as well as possible,” said Professor Shota Ingorokwa, who performed the surgery, in a federal announcement.

The 39-time international has since been allowed to leave the intensive care unit. A date for his release from the hospital has not yet been set.

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