La Bombonera made itself felt in the match against Defense and Justice.  Photo: Marcelo Carroll.

It is said that the Bombonera does not tremble, it beats. And there are countless videos on social networks showing corners of the Boca stadium in which you can see how its foundations vibrate thanks to the fervor of the local public. However, this time, the particular situation, which travels the world almost like a myth, was corroborated by… the VAR!

31 minutes of the first half of the match were played between Xeneize and Defensa y Justicia, for the quarterfinals of the League Cup, and Sebastián Battaglia’s team went with everything in search of opening the scoring, dominating their rival . Sebastián Villa took a ball from the left, made a couple of feints and threw the center back for the goal of Pol Fernandez. A goal cry that was drowned out because, from Ezeiza, the VAR authorities warned the referee Andrés Merlos that he should review the play for a possible infraction by the Colombian on the defender Nicolás Tripichio.

La Bombonera made itself felt in the match against Defense and Justice. Photo: Marcelo Carroll.

Merlos put his hand to his ear and ran towards the monitor located under the boxes, while the xeneizes fans decided to go through those seconds of uncertainty with everything, jumping and singing, with their enthusiasm strengthened by seeing that Boca was playing a great game against those of Beccacece, in a defining instance.

With his back turned, the referee tried to observe Villa’s infraction, but the image that the technology gave him was infected by the weather in La Boca and he did not stop jumping, affected by the tremor of the Bombonera. A few hours later, this curious sequence was a source of pride for the fans, with videos that went viral in the 2.0 world.

With patience and a keen eye, Merlos accepted the suggestion of the VAR, decided to annul Fernández’s goal and showed Villa a yellow card, considering his blow to the Halcón’s scoreboard too abrupt. A little while later, the field fell apart again when the Colombian faced that sector again and this time he chose to kick to the near post, to score 1-0 and begin to shape a victory that was enjoyed from start to finish in Brandsen. 805.

Boca now has to play against Racing, which also filled the Cylinder and had its party of goals and emotion, with a resounding 5-0 win against Aldosivi from Mar del Plata. The game will be played next Saturday from 6:30 p.m. at the Lanús stadium, with both sides on the pitch.

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