HSV transfer candidate Jean-Luc Dompé celebrates a goal.
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Attacking force Jean-Luc Dompé, currently still under contract in Belgium, has taken a liking to HSV. A possible transfer is now probably even more acute. © Panoramic International/imago

So far, there has not been enough money in the cash register and HSV has searched in vain for newcomers. That can change very quickly now.

Hamburg – Jonas Boldt is not to be envied for his job at Hamburger SV. The sports director is supposed to get new players to strengthen the team, but has no money for it. Or at least not enough of it.

24hamburg.de reveals where coal comes from and makes the deal with Jean-Luc Dompé realistic.

HSV has been interested in the player, who is currently active in the first division in Belgium and is chasing the round leather, for a few weeks. This also applies to another footballer who has been associated with HSV in the past and has now apparently reappeared on the radar. In any case the HSV transfer rumors about Nikola Dovedan have received new fuel. Will HSV sports director Jonas Boldt even manage to bring both players to Hamburg after the second division team from the Hanseatic city is expecting a rain of money?

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