New singer, new single, new album, Machiavelli is back: "We haven't played a five note yet"

After the death of singer Mario Guccio and the tribute tour that followed, we thought the adventure was over for the group. Mistake. New singer, new single, new album. Machiavelli is back, 46 years after his first album.

On January 20, 2018, the news fell like a cleaver: Mario Guccio, the singer of Machiavelli, died. Victim of cancer, he was 64 years old. His disappearance came as the band embarked on a tour called The Early Years. This had quite logically turned into a tribute tour to the deceased singer, with Marc Ysaye at the microphone, something agreed with Mario before his disappearance. An appointment to which the public responded in number and with emotion.

Following this communion with the fans, it was written that the case would not stop there for the formation which made its debut in 1975 – in progressive rock, let us remember, before changing register in 1980, to the era of the hit “Fly” – and which is nicknamed the Belgian Genesis. Marc Ysaye (drums and vocals), Roland De Greef (bass), Christophe Pons (guitars) and Hervé Borbé (keyboards) have decided to relaunch the machine with a new album to be discovered in September, and a new voice. A voice dubbed by Mario Guccio himself.

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