New: the irreducible Gauls Asterix, Obelix and Idefix enter the Playmobil universe!

This month, Playmobil and Éditions Albert René are launching seven boxes featuring the legendary Gallic rebel heroes Asterix and Obelix.

And if it will please children who are all fans of figurines, it will also be the case for adults who collect the Asterix and Obelix albums.

The Gallic heroes Asterix and Obelix and their colorful village friends have been loved and renowned around the world since 1959. The albums of this French comic strip have been translated into hundreds of languages ​​and some of their famous quotes have even crept into in Latin classes.

Obelix, the greatest of all Playmobil

Small anecdote: to reproduce the incomparable Obélix as well as possible, the designers created his figurine in a unique way: Obélix is ​​indeed one centimeter longer than the classic Playmobil of 7.5 cm and his arms have been adjusted to allow him to lift and to lay the menhirs that he loves so much! On the other hand, only one thing remains unchanged: like all the other characters, the famous Gauls have no nose.

Nothing will be missing: legionnaires, fresh/not fresh fish, longships and even wild boars!

Among the seven iconic scenes reproduced in Palymobil format, there is the inevitable village banquet (154.99€), the hut of Abraracourcix (84.99€), Getafix and its magic cauldron (27.99€) or even the boar hunt (21.99€)

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