Neymar says 'no'

PSG need to get rid of some players. Neymar, for his very high salary close to 50 million gross per season according to public L’Equipeis one of them, but the Brazilian has already reminded everyone related to the Parisian club who has approached him, that does not plan to move from the French capital.

The only clear thing that PSG has at the moment is that Kylian Mbapp signed his contract renewal until 2025. Well, and also, what Luis Campos has become the sports advisor of the Parisian club. From then on everything is unknown and the certainty that UEFA has asked for explanations to its economic balancethe one that indicates some losses of 224 million euros.

The first consequence of all this is the need for the qatar club to start lightening its squadthe one that according to Tebas has more than 600 million euros on the payroll, in the absence of the percentage and important increase in Mbapp’s new contract. The company does not seem easy because there are two players who largely capitalize on that percentage of the club’s budget allocated to salaries.

Neymar’s ‘Siiiiuuu’ imitating CR7: and celebration with Ramos and Mbapp

At the head of that ranking is Neymar, who already has declared to the club leader that he has not the slightest intention of movingthat his place is PSG and that nothing is going to make him change his mind. At his side is Messi, less adapted to Paris, but with a year of contract with a salary very similar to that of the Brazilian and who for now does not seem to be giving up.

PSG’s dressing room, in any case, is going to turn around for next season. Before, the leadership was more distributed and coexistence, within the differences that could arise on a day-to-day basis, was acceptable thanks in large part to the right hand of Mauricio Pochettino.

Now everything is different the club has surrendered to Mbapp and many players have not been happy with everything that is happening, starting with the renewal presentation act minutes before a match. To top Al Khelaifi’s constant allusions to the footballing kindness of French and its status as the best in the world has not been shared by many either.

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